Mystic SCUBA is the story of Vanessa's remarkable journey into the magical world of diving.

Join Vanessa as she learns the art of Mystic SCUBA from Samvara, a SCUBA diving Buddhist monk. This magical journey chronicles Vanessa's initiation into a world of power and mystical secrets beneath the sea.

Mystic SCUBA illuminates the far reaches of the human mind. Through Sam the monk's teachings, the author learns about breathing and relaxation, the health benefits of air and water in SCUBA, aquatic meditation techniques, ocean totems, and places of power, culminating in the direct experience of Enlightenment.

These powerful teachings of mysticism and self-discovery will transform divers and non-divers alike. Click on the link below to buy the book online!

"We're all like waves; forming, growing, moving, and eventually falling and crashing. The motion of a wave makes it seem separate. But after death, after the wave crashes, the essence of the wave, water, is drawn back in to the ocean, the source. Though the wave is an individual form, it is always inseparable from the ocean itself."
- Mystic SCUBA (Page 161).