The Mystic SCUBA courses teach you about:

  • Meditation practice
  • Healthy breathing and relaxation
  • The unique health benefits of air and water while diving
  • Mystical aquatic meditations
  • Places of power for diving
  • Ocean totems
  • Underwater Samadhi, the direct experience of Enlightenment

Vanessa leads free meditation classes and shore dives in Monterey Bay, California on most Sundays. Comprehensive Mystic SCUBA courses can be scheduled with Samvara whether you have a thousand dives or are an absolute beginner.

Trip Dates: June 22-24, 2012
Location: Monterey Bay, California
Cost: $4,000

Learn the art of Mystic SCUBA whether you have a thousand dives or just got your Open Water Certification. Learn meditation, relaxation, breathing and mystical aquatic practices with Vanessa, the author of Mystic Scuba, and her teacher Samvara, the Buddhist Monk.

s Enjoy encounters with dolphins, turtles, whales, manta rays, and sharks as you learn about ocean totems. Dive and hike at sacred sites while learning about places of power. Experience empowerment, rejuvenation, and expanded awareness.

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"Water is the element of self-discovery. It is the element of the dreamer. It washes away our past, heals our wounds, and awakens us to the spiritual path. In water's depths reside healing counsel and emotional release."
- Mystic SCUBA (Page 144).