Mystic SCUBA exercises include meditation, deep breathing, low-impact conditioning, and moderate stretching. They help build stamina, strengthening the whole body, while maintaining a focus of physical relaxation. The relaxation, meditation, and deep breathing of Mystic SCUBA has proven to be beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit through thousands of years of observances in comparable disciplines such as Yoga, Chi gung, and Tai Chi.

Meditation is stopping thought. If you can stop thought, you can meditate.

Breath practice is the heart of the human body.

Holding the ocean is letting go of the self.

When we practice The Orbit, we break free from the gravity of the self.

As we dive down within the sea, spiritual energy ascends up our chakras.

"Water is the vessel that carries us to the mystical shores of the unseen-world. It is the path that guides us through the waves and white waters of the transient surface of life to the clear depths of our eternal shining nature."
- Mystic SCUBA (Page 144).