Explore the oceans of the mind by SCUBA diving into the sea! Mystic SCUBA illuminates the far reaches of the human mind with meditations in the depths of the sea. It is an exploration of the spirit through the art of Mystic SCUBA. Mystic SCUBA is the path to a world of power and mystical secrets beneath the sea.

Mystic SCUBA is a unique combination of meditation, breath, and movement that has a positive impact on your health, mind, and spirit. Like walking meditation, you are aware of movement and surroundings. It is filled with motion, balance, and complexity, yet Mystic SCUBA brings you beyond movement into the heart of being.

Mystic SCUBA classes are taught by Buddhist monks. The classes teach about mystical aquatic meditations, deep breathing, places of power, ocean totems, and Underwater Samadhi, an experience of Enlightenment.

Mystic SCUBA is the story of Vanessa's remarkable journey into the magical world of Mystic SCUBA.

“Life is incongruous, yet perfect. Life itself is the complete truth. Your obscured viewpoint incorrectly categorizes life into dual opposites, such as good and bad. Yet good and bad are only your transient interpretations of the complete truth of life. The truth is that there is good and bad in life. And that good and bad are the same truth.”
- Mystic SCUBA (Page 13)